Finally got around to writing something on Obama and technology which is up on the Progress website here.

It mentions in passing the Damian McBride affair, paraphrasing Bon Jovi in condemning the use of the internet for muck-raking with ’you give blog a bad name’. Well let’s hope we can move matters forward on this one. Derek Draper has stepped down from his editorship of Labourlist with a contrite appearance on the BBC and while the site has not always impressed (see David Semple’s analysis here) it has relaunched with the explicit promise not to be a government mouthpiece.

Unfinished biz #2: It appears that May 1979 revelations demanded of three bloggers above were not forthcoming from Will Parbury as he was not yet born then. Anyway Hopi Sen and Chris P coughed up as you will already know – well worth a read, specially for anyone househunting in the Nottingham area or simply who wants to buy Hopi’s childhood home and slap a blue plaque on it.