News yesterday that culture secretary Andy Burnham left restricted documents on a train at Euston reminded me of a joke cracked by John Prescott at an Operation Black Vote event I was at last week on activism and the blogosphere.

The ex-Deputy Prime Minister and born again convert to all things tech-y with 4,000 young Facebook friends quipped “I asked people if I should get an i-phone or Blackberry, they said ‘why not get both? You’re two Jags aren’t you?’ I asked if I should get a laptop. They told me, ‘nah, just sit next to a civil servant on a train, you’ll get one for free’.”

On the same day apparently cohesion minister Hazel Blears was photograhed coming out of 10 Downing Street with news of the new MP expenses proposals under her arm, thus leaking them due to their visibility to wonderin’ lenses.

PS Hoping to do a longer post on the OBV thing soonish.