Internal Labour party matters that are usually the preserve of anorak members have been in the news over the weekend – the Erith and Thamesmead candidate selection and former MP Alice Mahon’s resignation/defection to nowhere. And then over a week since it broke, the hypothetical email-smears row still simmers despite the PM using the S word when the Tories accused him of being incapable of its utterance. It appears Damian McBride’s local Labour party want him to leave their ranks for bringing the party into disrepute.

Testing times some mght say to remain a Labour member but this statement by a range of bloggers from the left and masterminded by the Fabians’ Sunder Katwala and education minister David Lammy reaffirms why we’re in there. It draws inspiration from Obama. I also think the words of Hugh Gaitskell (above), Labour leader who fought the 1959 election and died just as looked liked the party were destined for office are apt. More so than the party’s postwar minister Sir Hartley Shawcross who famously declared “we are the masters now”. Hopefuly the statement is the start of a broader alliance of Labour bloggers to regain the initiative from our Conservative counterparts.