A dull bank holiday Monday on BBC Parliament channel yesterday. Previous ones have seen re-run screenings of vintage General Election nights for us all to reminisce/rue over. To compensate here is an already much linked-to clip of a more twentyfirst century squabble from our political duopoloy: Tory fave blogger Guido Fawkes head-to-head with Derek Draper head honcho of the Labourlist site on BBC2’s “Daily Politics” just a few short weeks ago.

You will have heard of the stuff that’s exploded since. All of it is undignified and hardly befiting any sort of “moral compass” in politics. Now that the person responsible for launching the hypothetical email discussion of a train of events that never came to pass in the end has gone let’s all move on and make sure it doesn’t happen again. There really is no need for this type of gutter politics. The Tories are obviously intent on milking this for all they can – banging on about it again today. Surely Labour could have easily have got them on (lack of) policy.