We do not yet know the full facts of the case but the footage played wall-to-wall on yesterday night’s news bulletins of police batoning Ian Tomlinson the newspaper seller present at the G20 protest minutes before he collapsed and died made uncomfortable viewing.

Pictures like this

…might bring on memories of this

not to mention parallels drwan with the De Menezes case.

This is surely horrible stuff just at the time the Metropolitan Police should be trying to restore faith in it as various other bloggers point out from all over the spectrum. I am not normally the sort who goes along with Lib Dem knee-jerkery and the way they like to milk everything for their own ends but I would support the call for a full public enquiry made on this morning’s Today programme by their 2005-intake Cambridge MP David Howarth (who I remember as their candidate in the seat in 1992, now that’s what I call tenacity).

The damning footage only exists because an American happened to be at the scene and recording – although the Guardian presumably owns the rights now. Good job this amateur cameraman was there doing what he did, otherwise we would be none the wiser.