That cheeky scamp Alex Hilton, Labour’s candidate for Chelsea and Fulham at the next General Election aka Recess Monkey has got two polls going at the moment. On RM he asks:
By Spring 2009, George Osborne will be…

* Shadow Home Secretary
* Chairman of the Conservative Party
* Chairman of Nuneaton Conservative Association
* A Foxtons Estate Agent
* Nobel Prize winner for Economics
* A country Baronet
* Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer
* Chancellor of the Exchequer
* Unemployable

The Tories’ confusion over inheritance tax hasn’t helped their boy wonder who was flatly contradicted by heavyweight (clunking fist?) Kenneth Clarke. Consequently just 2% reckon gorgeous George will be a Nobel prize-winner

Over at the other site Hilton is head honcho of LabourHome he puts the following teaser our way:

Who would you support for Labour London 2012 mayoral candidacy?
Alan Sugar 69 votes – 25 %
Jon Cruddas 32 votes – 11 %
Konnie Huq 21 votes – 7 %
Oona King 31 votes – 11 %
Tessa Jowell 4 votes – 1 %
Chuka Umunna 13 votes – 4 %
Ken Livingstone 93 votes – 33 %
Diane Abbott 13 votes – 4 %

276 Total Votes

Still time to make a difference on both counts, although not sure what difference it’ll make.

More Hilton trivia from Iain Dale here and background relating to the libel action he is facing from a Tower Hamlets tory who was Labour last time I encountered her here.