I enjoyed the last installment of Party Animals on the box last night, having missed its original airing in 07. It’s like “This Life” comes to Westminster, with a storyline centring on the turbo charged pressures and bedhops of political researchers and special advisors.

In the plot political gossip (including the final cliffhanger it all hinges on) are leaked by a blog called “Village Vermin” probably modelled on Guido Fawkes – he and Iain Dale boast about their contributions to the show here. The BBC website of the show has a link to it. When you click on it, it appears to have been taken down, although not before other bloggers poured scorn on the exercise when the show first went out. See here and here where the words “bag of shit” and “Jesus Wept” come up. I guess we’ll never know how accurate such descriptions were.

Even if the pest control have been round to stamp out the spoof blog, there are still 7 days to catch the last chunk where it all unravells (or should that be where the plotlines become bound together) here. A v.old Recess Monkey story about the making of the show is here.