Two bits of (relatively) good news in two days: the record interest rate cut preceded by Gordon Brown’s stellar performance with 19 standing ovations in his speech to Congress a day earlier. After Monday’s G2 exclusive revelations of Obama’s emails to Rahm Emmanuel planning the state banquet with the PM (I saw it in the print version and can’t find it online to link to) this blog can exclusively reveal what was on the menu.

Hash Browns accompanied by Green Shoots salad
Bread and circuses

Main course
Humble Pie served with economic pickle and leeks
or Lame Duck served with hot potatoes
or Steak-holder society served with hot potatoes

Selection of cheesey speeches served with crackers behaviour of bankers
Or Economic Trifles
Or Rasberry fool
Or Rhubarb crumble

Entente Cordial
Eau d’ear
Cheapo plonk (sorry don’t drink so not sure what other alcoholic beverages to add here).

Off the Menu
Brussels sprouts
Beer and sandwiches at number 10