I have to say my four year old and I were taken aback to see a new presenting team Alex and Cerrie on the BBC’s pre-school channel CBeebies recently supplanting the longstanding duo Chris and Pui.

The reaction was primarily the shock of the new and the change in sound of bedtime hour song with a pair of new vocalists responsible for its delivery and we’ve got used to it now. New-girl Cerrie fits the usual bubbly type characteristics of the modern kids presenter with one exception. We couldn’t help noticing her unusual arm but it didn’t stop us watching as usual and even led to a discussion on how not everyone is born with identical physical characteristics. Now Cerrie has gone public about how controversial her appointment has been and how she’s faced opposition to her as a disabled woman. Apparently angry parents have been calling for her removal complaining that she’s giving their kids nightmares. Shame on them. The BBC has all too often equated equality with a few Asian faces on regional tv news so this opportunity to air the kind of discussions sometimes swept under the carpet is good news all round.

The question it’s raised most in our how though is where Chris and Poi have gone. Not sure what to tell the nipper about that one – too old for youff tv maybe?