Mixed Bizzness was a track from Beck a while back. There seems to be divided reporting on what has changed 10 years after the McPherson-Stephen Lawrence enquiry following a further report from University of Portsmouth unveiled today. The University website says there have been some cultural change but the authorities could do better.
The police are lauding how far they have progress in the past decade and the BBC website has voxpops from BME officers noting this.
The Guardian website says the police are failing in delivering on the demands of 10 years ago whilst Jack Straw has declared that the Metropolitan Police is no longer institutionally racist. They are all taking about the same thing.

I did a post 15 years after the murder for Comment is Free a year ago which attracted the usual smart-arse comments. In my view the main thing that changed is that the war on terror intervened in the name of which various slip-up occurred – Jean Charles DeMenezes and Forest Gate being two extreme examples of the what sometimes brutal and degrading use of stop and search powers can result in. The cuddly cool Britannia version of early Blair Britishness gave way to a climate of “you’re either with us or against us”-style, “integrate or go back home” pronouncements towards the end of TB’s tenure – the ultimate manifestation of which is identity cards. Brown has so far made the right noises on Britishness equalling inclusivity, perhaps over-compensating for his Scottishness. He’d win a few civil liberties votes if he ditched the costly and counter-productive idea for ID cards in my view.

UPDATE: Since I put this post up the Guardian is reporting that the Met is due for a severe embarassing at a tribunal where Belgravia Police station will be taken to task…