Not been that hot at bloging this week due to half term.

Anway a coupla new blogs have caught my eye. Next Left seems a sensible site of thoughtful stuff while Raplog aims to put some fun into political blogging, rap-stylee. The person behind it says they’re “centre-right” but they’ve out me on their blogroll so can’t be all bad. Have to say though I don’t think the choice of Derek Draper as hate-figure is the best one when there are so many other more justifiable choices of whipping boy around these days but the hip hop clip linked to by Chris Paul et al is more stylistically imaginative than most.

By the way for anyone following the Draper v Alex Hilton spat earlier in the week, it looks like all references to it have mysteriously vanished and the pair have kissed and made up. Lovely.

UPDATE: The intrepid Chris Paul over at Labour of Love has found some Google cache of that spat if you fancy a gander.