The Sex Pistols famously swore on tea-time telly whereas when Morrissey turned up on yesterday’s One Show in the same slot on BBC1 he discussed his solutions for unemployment, advising the jobless to paint. It’s all YouTubed of course. Tbe most weird bit is here when he looks distinctly uninterested in a wacky clown-type alongside him on the sofa. Links to the rest are here. There’s allsorts: his opinion on the Manc accent and a euology from David Cameron even.

Given how chummy Moz and Chiles look it is unlikely he made any racist faux-pas in the green room unlike the unfortuneate Carol Thatcher whi has now been axed from the show. Morrisey has had a past of ambiguity on the race question that he only cleared up last year when he paid up to support the Love Music Hate Racism carnival when it was in financial trouble after organisers aproached him – a precursor to the vogueish bailouts of today.

Meanwhile I caught a bit of today’s One Show still bemused at events 24 hours earlier. Chiles replayed the “Back to The Old House” type clip where Morrissey recalls his Manchester neighbours the Blows as a bunch of ne’er do well to segue into the news that one of their number (nee Blows, now monikered otherwise) has contacted the show to refute Mozza’s contentions and claimed they all got along famously and she used to wheel him around in his pram. Heavy words are so lightly thrown.

PS New album is not bad too. I found the singles a bit flat with the exception of the sparkly “I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris” (on a par with Suedehead) but the footstomping “Sorry” and “Mama” are likeable enough, particularly the latter’s references to “moneymen” and “pigs in grey suits”. Soundtrack for a credit-crunch.