Mrs Thatcher came up with some interesting lines in her time, surely worthy of any 99p “Dictionary of quotations”. There was the inequality-advocating “let our children grow tall, some taller than others”,  defiant “the lady’s not for turning”, the more homespun “we are a grandmother” and in later life “the mummy returns”. Daughter Carol however will now just be remembered for the word “golliwog”.

The reporting of her axing from BBC1’s “One Show” for using this racist slur has polarised the press blog pages – compare and contrast the “political corectness gone mad brigade at the Daily Mail with the “good riddance” type comments at the Guardian. Either way this is a completely inappropriate term in 2009. Hell even Robertson’s jam dropped this emblem as out of tune with New Britain years ago. Thatcher’s refusal to make an unreserved apology becuase the remarks was made off air and “in jest” is no justification in the same way as the use of “Paki” and “Sooty” were indefensible. At least the BBC acted swiftly unlike their dithering over Ross and Brand and at least broadcast journalists are sack-able (unlike royals).

As someone says on the Guardian site, I blame the parents.