So Ulrika Johnson  did it for the money. You don’t say £175,000 goes a long way even when there are four young mouths and a spouse to feed. In case you weren’t following… Celebrity Big Brother has ended and the Channel 4 evening schedule has been unblocked somewhat. Looks like they got good value out of her at any rate.

Heard Chris Moyles and muppets on the wireless a week or so ago asking in indignation how any mother could go on the show and leave her brood. It’s blindinly obvious and equally obvious Moyles has some pretty old-fashioned ideas and is not a parent himself – don’t these kids have dads? The final kept replaying profesional Manc Terry Christian’s words to the winner “you seem to think your better than everybody else”. Well Terry she just proved she was.

Second mother making an exit is Rachida Dati. Looks like her hasty return to work days after giving birth to a child with mystery dad was a last ditch bid to save her job. There will be a new Minister of Justice in place by June. She’ll be ok though; the second place on the Paris Euro-list has been saved for her so a life of bureaucracy in Brussels punctuated by plenaries in Strasbourg beckons. There musty be someone bumped off to make way for her who’s none too pleased.

Does this prove the theory that the European Parliament is for those on the way up though (Hoon, Truscott)* or on the way down (1989 intake of ex UK Labour 1983 MPs, current Tory EPLP with similar retreads)? Where would Le Pen fit in such a trajectory?

*This latter ref is historically correct but who knows what tomorow will bring?