There’s little to say that hasn’t been said on that speech, the one that ended Obama’s life as Junior Senator for Illinois and began his career as US President and leader of the free world. All the commentators are using the word “sober” as if they were expecting a slurred speech piss-up. Anyway, job done and pretty well executed at that. The harder job of dealing with the in-tray friom hell begins now. And as Derek Draper has pointed out, any one vaguely connected with the left always has an additional burden of expectations management in dealing with charges of “sell-out”. There is an enormous ammount of goodwill worldwide as all the BBC correspondents covering the reaction to videoscreens of the inuaguration from Indonesia to Kenya via Berlin testified. News on swift action to shut down Guantanamo is good but let’s face it, the guy can’t walk on water or turn water into wine.

Finally apropos the Cambridge Union Society experience last week, have done a thing for Comment is Free. Help save me from the usual nutter commenters there with some supportive words if you can.