Seems odd to see a blog post tagged with:

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but this is how the Huffington Post tags the news that Prince Charles is in the habit of calling an Asian Sikh polo pal “Sooty”. The recipient of the epithet Kuldip Singh Dhillon has rushed to the first-in-line- to-the-throne’s defence denying HRH could ever be racist.

It is just possible that the nick-name is a term of self-appellation. Asian-fronted indie-band Cornershop named themselves in such an act as did Niggaz With Attitude. It is also possible that he was named after the silent golden coloured glove puppet Sooty. If it is something more sinister though prehaps as well as Sooty and Big Ears, Uncle Tom could be another character in the dramatis personae of this story.

Still no news from Harry’s mate Ahmed as far I’m I’m aware.