Partly in an attempt to level things with the right, Derek Draper (Mr Kate Garraway) has launched the brand spanking new Labour List.  The newly rejuvented WillParbury has some advice for DD here after publicly pointing out that he was left off the guest list of the Draper Labour blog summit earlier. I was not invited either, same goes for Chris Paul who now enthuses about LL.

Cartoonist Matt Buck also welcomes the new arrival in a thoughtful post on satire. A valiant attempt to even the score. Let’s hope it prospers longer than LabourOutlook and doesn’t get sued like LabourHome – see here. This blog will be watching.

PS More words of sympathy on the Labourhome McLibel case from Socialist Unity and Labourleftforum. I know there is a credit crunch on but if you have spare dosh, Alex Hilton would be a happy beneficiary.