Finally got round to clicking the News of the World vid link to Harry’s admission that his hair in the nether regions is ginger (although he appeared a little slow on the uptake) and whispered description of a fellow colleague as “little Paki friend”.

Of course attempts the brush away the remarks as “harmless army banter”/ pretty normal in army circles are attempts to excuse the inexcuseable. These are meant to be a family descended from God to divinely rule over the rest of us: “god save you” he says in a mock (?) mobile call to his grandma Liz at one point.  This cowardly racist namecalling at the very least it sets a poor example (as does his smoking, which he’s been photographed doing around kids in his charity work before). It is being claimed it’s ok because Ahmed the private the jibe was aimed at has not lodged a complaint. With the might ofthe royal family behind Harry no wonder he hasn’t. Plus the guy was asleep so he probably wouldn’t have heard the comment at the time.

Morrissey has apparently amde the observation that nowadays everyone is a journalist because of blogs and everyone is a potential paparazzi because of camera-phones but here the foolish Prince appears to have recorded this whole thing as a video-diary so can’t be blamed for being caught unawares, which is I suppose what happened when the chap who is referred to in the footage as “Mr Wales” but should by rights by “Mr Saxe-Coburg” went to a royal ball (or somesuch) dressed as a Nazi in a previous scandal .

The person who does appear to be thinking of registering his disapproval is Trevor Philips (ex CRE, now head of son-of CRE). Last I heard of him was at the Progress conference when he appeared to be speaking out in favour of white males as a disadvantaged breed, which I thought sounded like an attempt to be controversial. Taking that logic he should be empathising with HRH. I’m grateful he’s not though.

What chance Ahmed squeals next?