A fair bit of interest in French Justice minister Rachida Dati from the UK media. She is back at her desk after giving birth by caseraian section prematurely to a girl called Zorhra less than a week ago. The Daily Mail calls the new mum “astonishingly glamorous.” Last time a woman connected to French politics aroused this much interest it was Carla Bruni for her dress sense/ looks, and she’s  only in political circles by marriage to Nicholas Sarkozy (who is another candidate rumoured to have been an ex Dati love-interest). Dati hs been in the past remarked on for her pricey frocks but this time it’s the mystery identity of the baby’s father which  has kept commentators guessing throughout the preganancy that continues to fascinate and the super-speedy return to work. She took just five days between the birth and her first cabinet meeting when the French are entitled to 4 months. When I took it in the UK it was 6 months (I’m still getting over birth of my lad in 2004 – only joking!). There arepalns afoot to increase this further.

Although I don’t agree with her politics – she is from the right of French spectrum – what is noteworthy (beyond the titlle tattle gossipy stuff) is her rise to power after being born second of 12 children to a bricklayer Moroccan father and Algerian mother. There is no real equivalent elected politician in the UK although there are plenty of wannabees.

I’m not sure if a 5 day break is wise. The Home Office minister Meg Hillier is currently expecting. I can’t imagine her taking Rachida’s lead. Most women wouldn’t. Anyway congrats, or rather felicitations, to mother and baby from this blog.