At the same time as Woolworths goes to the wall (last stores closed yesterday), sales figures show that their one time stock-in-trade 7 inch singles are booming. A graph here shows sales have increased five fold over the present decade (or should I say “this century”?) I bought my first 7 inchers from the Woolies in Wembley High Road – three on the same day in the bargain bin @ 25p each in 1984.

In the days of Ipod and MP3 download it seems weird that this anachronistic thing exists but I’ve always liked them. And if I seem a little old-fashioned then that’s because I am. When I only had a few I knew all the esoteric messages etched in the run-out groove and B-sides and everything.

Long may this format prosper – too late to say the same for Woolworths alas. Last one I bought was the The Ting Tings from The Beggar’s Banquet shop in Kingston. As Julie Burchill and Tony Parsons put it when they were hip young gunslingers “It’s only rock’n’roll but it’s plastic” (can’t find ref via google but I’m sure it was in their book  The Boy Looked at Johnny).