The  controversial baby that threatened to railroad Sarah Palin’s VP campaign this Summer when it was erroneously claimed that the Governor herself was secretly pregnant has been born. It’s a bouncing boy weighing in at 7lb 70z who’s been named Tripp – not be confused with his mum’s kid brother Trigg.

In the end Tripp’s granny despite performing satisfactorily in the Vice Presidential debate did herself damage with a bumbling interview with Katie Couric which has revived the latter’s career. Her mocking by Tina Fey on comedy central also contributed to Palin’s downfall. That Gov Palin is thinking of running again in 2012 is good news for Fey who can currently be caught in the UK on Channel 5 in the excellent but under-rated 30 Rock. Its story-within-a-story format (based on a fictitious live comedy show) is a cross between the much-missed Drop the Dead Donkey and ITV’s aborted Echo Beach. Was trying to link to the clip where Tina met Sarah met Alec Baldwin (also of 30 Rock) but it looks like it’s now unavailable. Read commentary in the Times about it  here.  In the same way The Daily Kos story of allegations regarding Sarah Palin secret baby story has also now gone.

One thing I am able to do however is to wish all the best to  the proud parents – Levi and Bristol who now, thanks to the public spotlight on the pregnancy, are set to wed. At this point the Palin soap-opera will roll on. Between then and now happy new year one and all.