Bloggers the world over have been posting how posting will be light to non-existent over Crimbo because of being holed up at their parents in the country where there is no internet connection or other similar reasons. See for example here, here, here etc.

Uber-blogger and Alan Simpson doppelganger  Iain Dale for example has declared “No broadband, no internet … but lots of mince pies. I know I shouldn’t” and twittered that this state of affairs will last for 3 days. The cheeky scamp Guido Fawkes comments “Guido is with the in-laws for Christmas and only has internet access via a dial-up or his mobile.”

Converesly the festive season is always when I am at my most productiveblog-wise. Quite unlike everyone else, my parents are better connected with broadband than the non-wired world of my own abode. Last year I bashed out a thing on the death of Respect in the immediate post-Christmas period and summat on Asian wimmin in politics on New Year’s day. Both went on Comment is Free. For Yuletide ’08 I have had a stab at an essay on Bulgarian folk music which has been filed to the Guardian. Will pass on the link when/if they go with it. In the meantime, peace on earth and goodwill to all men.

BOXING DAY UPDATE: My thoughts on Bulgarian Turbo folk-music can be found here at Comment is Free. It’s part of their “Charades” series which Pickled Politics’ Sunny Hundal posted about here when he was asked to do it. In the name of balance, kind comments are welcome.