A U-turn in NHS policy has been effected by a three year old who has vociferously opposed the diktat that toys be banned from waiting rooms due to the risk of infections spreading through their availability. The Manchester Evening News has more here.  The Daily Express has also been following the story and taking a “Health and safety zealots” angle and running a cute pic of  the three year old in question: Oscar Rathfelder.

That Oscar would begin his campaigning career early befits his pedigree. His dad Martin Rathfelder is Director of the Socialist Health Association and his mum Cllr Dr Pauleen Lane CBE. Indeed Oscar has already been to Buckingham Palace with mum and was at the centre of the discrimination court case which resulted from Pauleen’s apalling treatment at the hands of Trafford Council who refused allowing a baby-seat in the Mayoral car. The case was covered by BBC tv (and website). It ended up with Oscar and Pauleen victorious and Trafford Tories facing hundreds of thousands of legal bills. 

The Express quotes Dr Kailash Chand, Manchester GP, BMA bid and Tribune contributor as labelling the toy ban “bureaucracy gone mad.”  It looks like common sense triumphed in the end, as in the sex discrimination case. I, for one, will be thankful of this next week when taking my four year old to have the next bit of his MMR when the promise of playing with the the dog-eared teddy bears and incomplete train sets in the run-up will help soften the blow.