Managed to get down to the IPPR for their “round table” discussion with Jon Cruddas the other day where the subject of the economic downturn dominated.

The hon member for Dagenham was on top form with his thoughtful analysis – betraying his PhD background. I reckon that we are going to see changing behaviours. Fellow-participant Martin Kettle revealed that his paper, The Guardian, was about to unveil a poll showing the Tory lead halved. It’s old new nows. I commented that the “new green deal” Cruddas trumpeted might not play well in a recession – after all Manchester blew a big fat rasberry to the idea of congestion charging just a week ago (in my opinion ill-advisedly).

Cruddas for his part thought that the unprecdented circumstances we are in mean we are back to 1981. He foresaw a big schism in the Labour Party wiyth the left splitting off and found it distasteful that many from such quarters are now going into “I told you so” mode. Listen to an edited podcast version here.

The rejuvenated Parbury has posted this link too but seeing as I woz there I can also exclusively reveal that the table was not actually round but rectangular in shape.