Interesting to see the tabloid press getting in a lather about Britain’s “secret” long-term plan to join the Euro eg reports in the Express and Mail. The government’s intentions for the UK to enter the Euro zone when the economic tests are met/ circumstances are right are hardly revelatory. They’ve been Labour party policy throughout the 90s and beyond. I was at what is being called the “Labour” conference in which supposedly Peter Mandelson let slip this nugget of information. It was actually not a party do but the annual conference of Progress and it was not sneaked out but declared quite candidly in a plenary session where Lord M was being interviewed centre-stage by the Guardian’s Martin Kettle.

Having just returned from attending an EU organised meeting on youth culture I’m now awash with per diems paid out in Euros for my pains. Given the state of the pound it’s not worth changing them into sterling, rendering them pretty useless here. They’ll have to wait until my next trip back. In my book we should get in there sooner rather than later to insure ourselves against what could be a nasty downturn frankly, even if the government won’t say so.

On another note, was bemused that a project team of 4 of us ended up conducting our discussions in English when I was the only native speaker among them and there were three other overlapping languages amongst the group. All this at the same time as the French education minister has apparently declared that the game is up for la langue Francaise becoming a true lingua franca. According to the Daily Mail “France’s education minister yesterday admitted for the first time that the secret to success is speaking better English.” Surely not from a country that invented words to prevent Anglicisation “le balladeur” for “le walkman” and introduced local radio quotas insisting on 40% Francophone playlisting. Lost in translation perhaps?