No posting yesterday as I was still recovering from Tuesday night’s fantastic result which exceeded anything I’d imagined. I thought it’d be close but Obama didn’t just sneak in like Kennedy or even Clinton in 92. Insted he scored a decisive victory, romped home even.

The reasons for the victory were part-marketing and part product. The audacious 50 state straegy, embracing new technology, sophisticated on-the ground organisation and the Get-Out-The-Vote operation were all in place as a result of Hillary testing him so long in the primary stage. But even if you have all the money in the world, if your product is duff it won’t make the grade . Obama is the real deal.

As McCain said it is now time for everyone to unite behind him. That includes the (UK Blairite) Hillary lot who uncharitably used to blog stuff like:

The primary system has reverted to its usual character of producing candidates who get the Democratic faithful fired up into a frenzy but leave swing voters in phlegmatic key states quietly unimpressed and voting Republican in the privacy of the polling booth. A bizarre system and a fit of rule-mongering over Florida and Michigan has given victory to the guy who carried a host of tiny states that the Democrats can never win or which have hardly any electoral college votes, and denied it to the woman who carried those two, Pennsylvania, Ohio, New York, California, Texas and just about everywhere that might have been useful in the general election.

I have an awful suspicion that we are not going to see a lot of “change” in November.

The same blogger (who I usually rate highly) seems to have come round and yesterday claimed to be choked up during the acceptance speech.

The UK Hillaryites even had a Facebook group called

Irritated By the Mindless Liberal Love of Barack Obama

which has a picture of Andy Burnham claiming

For all those who are irritated by the way young liberals all over the non-US world have seized upon Barack Obama, about whom they know almost nothing, as some kind of weird political love object.Not that there’s anything wrong with him. I’m sure he’s a great guy, a sound senator and will serve Mrs Clinton and the US nation admirably as Vice President.

But the whole British Leftie Barack love up is an irritating affectation.

Why make such a big deal about Barack Obama, in a way that you’d cringe to imagine yourself doing about Andy Burnham (who’s got more chance of being the next Prime Minster than Barack has of being the next President)?

Aside from dissing Andy Burnham (who is now Culture Scretary and was named by the Spectator as Minister to Watch) this is negativity at its worst. I was actually sent a group request to it by an MP and now Government Minister who I noticed has long since departed the list of those in it – now down to 17. I imagine the whole group will be pulled soon and rightly so. These people must be looking pretty stupid now as an amazing ammount of goodwill has been directed at President Elect Obama from all over the world.
Across the pond I notice one Hillary supporters for McCain website is now trying to push Palin for President in 2012. God help us.