Cute little thing here from the Huffington Post. It’s a slideshow of Obama pictured with various babes in arms. From this he looks like a safe pair of hands. All politicians are supposed to be able to be adept at kissing babies. I had my own when standing for election. My son was born on the campaign trail of the ’04 Euro election when I was on Labour’s north west list and was a year old for the ’05 General Election where the voters of Chesham and Amersham had me as their Labour candidate. Both attempts needless to say ended in defeat but I do have pictures of him with Gerald Kaufman, John Prescott and others.

As far as the US election goes, the polls seems to be showing different things: some depict a widening lead but one yesterday showed a tightening to just 1%. There is also the unknown factor of latent racism by voters who aren’t ‘fessing up their true intentions in phone polls – a point interestingly covered with a new twist by Don Paskini here. In such circumstances I’d caution against the cockiness that could be inferred from talking out loud about plans for an Obama cabinet.  People may remember the 1992 UK election. Until then I’d never heard of the word “hubris” but in the aftermath of the campaign it was the omnipresent term of all the analysis.