Obama was accused of early on in this whole circus plaigarising Bob the Builder early on with the “yes we can” slogan. The theme of allied building trades was continued in yesterday’s Presidential debate with the floundering John McCain raising the character of Joe the Plumber, a supposed US everyman Obama met on the campaign trail who is being courted by rightwing media, to demonstrate to what extent Democrat policies equate with redistributive socialism. Despite the hoo-ha it looks like the US plumbing union has come out for Obama. A pro-Obama t-shirt starring the bloke himself is also doing the rounds.   

It looks like the instant polls have seen Obama as the victor. This kind of Joe-public caricatured gross generalsation of one-off cases who are meant to represent the average voter can sometimes flop. Neil Kinnock’s use of the story of Jennifer’s Ear didn’t do it in 1992. Let’s hope the same applies to McCain in two week’s time.