Troubled times at Tribune, the weekly mag that’s been a powerful independent voice of the left for 70 years with previous alumni including Michael Foot and George Orwell. Press commentary has surfaced here (Evening Standard) and here (Grauniad). Labour Home has details here of the current rescue plan on the table. In the age of bail-outs, a person with deep pockets would be welcome. Failing that a consortium of donations amounting to a co-operative could be a runner. Otherwise it could be curtains for this esteemed organ who had sometime contributor Gordon Brown among the revellers along to their last Christmas party.

Last week’s issue urged “don’t let this be the end of Tribune”. Current Editor Chris McLaughlin urged that it is needed now more than ever: “Tribune should be considered as an exciting vehicle for promoting and championing issues on the left and those affecting not just the labour movement but reaching out to those fragmented groups and individuals who share a left perspective and concerns but are outside organised parties.” The editorial is now on the Compass website. Take heed.