Freshers week, start of my 4 year old’s school career and life in general have made me a bit tardy at blogging lately but I wanted to say something about what went on/is going on down in Manchester. While the Labour Conference continues with an entrance fee payable for party members and corporate sponsored vol-au-vents’n’ booze a plenty, there is also another more scaled down freebie in town: Convention of the Left.

I found myself down to speak at the parallel event to the official Labour Party conference on Saturday PM in a parallel break-out session on “the break up of Britain” which it seemed wiser to honour than end up being replaced by a tub of lard, so I showed up, despite disapproval from Labour chums, in the name of constructive engagement with opponents. Controversial remark of the day was me saying that to my mind the idea of an English Parliament had rather dispossessed type “Powellite” leanings about it. One audience member walked out.

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