The Honourable Member for Tooting Sadiq Khan has got it right on this one. In a much commented on Comment is Free piece he makes a powerful case for UK Muslims concentrating on becoming mainstream members of society by learning English (among other things) rather than adopting a bunker mentality where they care more about politics in Palestine than making a difference to their local communities. He writes:

British Muslims also need to step up to the plate. We need to take responsibility for our own lives. We need to take more responsibility for our own families, ignore those who propagate conspiracy theories, and above all we need to leave behind our victim mentality.

I’ve been a similar point for years re: British Bangladeshis, mostly when asked to speak on the subject. I found this by doing a google also at Comment is Free:

We’ve grown used to Bangladeshis in Britain being high up on the deprivation indexes, but this often feeds a cycle of victimhood. The situation is improving with the post-labour migration second generation, so such stereotypes are in serious need of updating both here and in Bangladesh.

It may be unfashionable to say what he’s saying but Khan is brave for speaking out in a constituency with a high proportion of ethnic minority voters which for years was considered to be a marginal and will undoubtedly be competetive next time. The Tories are putting up Mark Clarke, an ethnic minority candidate and Tory insider against him. Khan is a veteran councillor for the area though and a true local yokel which should stand him in good stead. He’s also thoughful unlike many of his contemporaries. Seems like Wolfie was not the last political radical that Tooting has thrown up by a long chalk.