Republicans have been gushing praise all over VP mom Sarah Palin but in private some of them aren’t that complimentary. Here is a YouTube “Yo Blair” type moment in which the former Reagan speechwriter Peggy Noonan laments the choice in a tv studio not realising it’s being recorded after the cameras have crossed live to elsewhere. The anchorman asks

Today’s UK papers depict McCain embracing the pregnant teen daughter and self confessed “not ready for kids yet” Redneck dad, whose myspace page has been removed. Poor old Bristol catapaulted to the glare of the world’s media spotlight – she must be thinking thanks a bunch mom. While the UK governement is being tough on forced marriages it looks like she is certainly being coerced into tying the knot. Will the couple’s ceremony be recognised if they ever hit these shores? Mind you given that Governor Palin has apparently only recently obtained a passport herself (to visit Alaskan troops abroad last year) it may not be that soon.