After being erased out in the past the girl the McCains adopted from Mother Theresa in 1991 took centre stage at the Republican convention today. As a Bangladeshi daughter myself (albeit born in Hammersmith) what can I say? There’s one born every minute.

It looks like shock family revelations have dominated the Republican’s week. Are they going to squeeze in any policy or even what George Bush snr (in evidence if if Dubya stayed away) used to call “the vision thing”? Is Mitt Romney’s snide reference to Bridget McCain in the past explanation for her daddy ditching him for the beauty queen? The increased Obama lead is cheering but probably not worth factoring in until the GOP convention and its net effects can be calculated. How much more of this maverickery is to come in the remaining hours?

Still Labour conference coming soon. What are the chances of Gordon getting a freak hurricane to help detract from business?