The US United Steelworkers Union has issued a press release to put the record straight on the Sarah Palin’s spouse and his membership. In Gov Palin’s acceptance speech on Friday she notably bigged up her union credentials and name-checked Hillary Clinton. It looks like USW is practically disowning the Palins. It says

“It is important to realize that while the governor’s husband is a member of a union, this does not automatically qualify her for an on-the-job training program to become a heartbeat away from the presidency.”

before detailing specific areas of policy and concluding:

“McCain’s choice is another example of his poor judgment and his desire to play politics as usual. McCain-Palin is not a team that works for working families. The first-term governor’s record is thin and divisive. And John McCain has a life-long record of being for the rich and powerful. No union card can hide that any more than Ronald Regan’s union card did.”

Clearly this freak choice has been cynically selected in a box-ticking identikit way to win votes and steal headlines. It’s insulting to think all women/Hillaryites will automatically vote for any woman. Even if she was runner-up beauty queen in her time Palin is a gun-toting, anti-abortion hardliner, despite the momsy veneer. Bogus trade union credentials isn’t the half of it. Weekend speculation about how the governor could have done a Kat Slater/Ma Slater with her last born was put to rest with the news that her teenage daughter was up the duff. Palin junior is planning to march up the aisle with the father – morsels of his myspace profile have leaked out here. In addition to this Gov Palin is currently under investigation for some sacking a member of her federal guard for being involved in a messy divorce and custody battle with her sister. This link is from long before she was named as VP candidate. Further revelations are that she is an Alaskan separatist amongst other things. As the New York Times site muses, all this raises questions about how thoroughly this last minute speedy choice was vetted.

It may be stating the obvious but wildcards certainly have their potential hazards.