You’ll have seen the weekend hoo-ha about the arty Myra Hindley pic that led the Mirror to have the headline that the Open University’s most famous graduate had gatecrashed the Olympic festivities. Well the other half of the pair that the young Morrissey had such a morbid fascination for has now launched an extraordinary attack on New Labour via a letter to his MP which is reported in the Manchester Evening News. Ian Brady moans in the eight pager “Perhaps more embarrassing to prudently financial New Labour are the ranks of tramps and malingers who have escape into Ashworth to avoid working for a living, demanding and receiving £100 a week pocket money for life (we prison transfers receive only £25).” £1,300 of taxpayers money a year isn’t bad going for someone detained at her majesty’s pleasure for committing some of the most revolting criminal acts ever experienced in this country.

He describes himself variously as a “70 year old skeleton” and “in the top five per cent of the UK” for intelligence. He also seems to have re-invented himself as a civil libertarian which many will find even more difficult to stomach than David Davis’ attention-seeking conversion to the cause despite a voting record that says otherwise. Perhaps showing his age in his use of metaphor he rails “New Labour has accomplished more permanent diminution of human/civil liberties than WW2 bombs and rockets”.

I always found the Smiths’ use of the Moors Murderers for subject material as highly questionable. Their album with the “Suffer Little Children” track was at one stage banned from I think Woolies and Smiths but Morrissey later met with the victims parents and explained that the track was created in sympathy with them as had he was of an age where he overlapped with the gruesome pair’s reign of child killings and could potentially have been one of them. This blogger calls it “pop at its creepiest”. Anyway Hindley had been rehabilitating her public image with her high profile supporter Lord Longford and by getting herself a degree by the end of her life in 2002. I don’t think Brady is doing himself any favours with this outburst – not according to the comments at the MEN site here.

UPDATE: Piece complete with pics is here at the Daily Mail which also got a namecheck from the Smiths on “The Queen is Dead”