Bloggers have been speculating for ages about who will be Obama’s number 2, Anthony Painter, the artist formerly know as E8 Voice reckoned on Wesley Clarke a while back, Pickled Politics’ Sunny earlier this week predicted John Kerry (2004 vanquished Prisential candidate) and allsorts of other names have been touted including Hilary Clinton and even Al Gore.

One person it won’t be is Joe Lieberman who’s fondness for the Iraq war has led him to come out for McCain – to the extent that some are even suggesting he should be the GOP VP. Lieberman would have been VP to Al Gore had dodgy votes in Florida and the current president’s brother Jeb Bush not put paid to Democrat hopes (and the tally of votes cast). I despise turncoats of this nature – I think the defecting Southall councillors from last year who ewnt to the Tories should have resigned their seats to fight by-elections. I remember seeing a Bush placard after the result in 200 that played on the slogan Gore-Lieberman with Sore-Loserman. Maybe that’s what Uncle Joe is these days.