For people of a certain age Chorlton will forever be associated with wheelies. It is however name of a South Manchester suburb populated by Guardian-reading folk who normally vote Labour and have some sort of higher education. Chorlton-cum-Hardy, to give it its full name, has always been the type of place that prides itself in having independent shops. Imagine the reverberations now then that this news has happened. Despite a vigorous opposition campaign mounted by residents (see here, here , here and sympathy from a similar group in Mill Road, Cambridge here) it looks like the supermarket has won its appeal against Manchester Council’s original refusal of their planning application.

Despite the guilt assuaging measure of Tesco funding academic posts at Manchester University, this is bad news for independent retailers. It’s a victory for the retail giant over the Tescopoly campaign who highlight the bully-boy tactics of the organisation that seem to be cheerfully chipping away at the character of high streets (with their metro incarnations) and towns (with outta town quasi Tuscan farmhouse structures) up and down the land with the motto “every little helps”.

PS While this blog does not normally have a competition corner (that’s more the style of Guido, Iain Dale or Chris Paul) if readers did want to send in suggestions for most inappropriate sponsored professorships ever (McDonalds chair in healthy eating and nutrition studies that kinda thing) they wouldn’t be discouraged.