Two large-scale gatherings of an Asian nature happened yesterday in the London borough of Ealing: Phil Taylor reports on a Tamil Hindu parade that happened in the morning in the west Ealing area and then in the afternoon/evening there was the London Mela. The latter was subject to sporadic downpour which is becoming customary at the event. The former was a colourful affair – Phil has pix – but I am none the wiser what it was all about.

If you google Boris Johnson + London Mela you get him spluttering along about his bhangra skills from afar in a BBC studio here. Although he has “backed the Mela” as reported by Operation Black Vote, it was rumoured that he might pull the plug on the event – in the same way as the anti-racist rationale disappeared from the Rise festie. Anyway I didn’t see BOJo there myself braving the rain. Anyone know if he actually showed up?

UPDATE: Sunny at Pickled Politics has a whole list of festies that his worshipful is planning to withdraw funding from.