As the comments to my Comment is Free thing on why the Manchester congestion charge have come to a grinding halt, smart-arse quips are still flooding into another Manchester-related entry on the site. It’s from Tim Jonze (he of controversial Morrissey interview fame) quoting one-time Burnage resident Noel Gallagher laying into Guardian journalists for being spotty herberts whose parents voted Tory. He has a way with words has that Noel, as I found out when I interviewed him many moons ago.

Not sure if “Bigmouth Strikes Again” really is the most appropriate heading for this post. Maybe “Dial A Cliche” would be more suitable.

UPDATE: The Telegraph reports on “the curse of Oasis” hitting the pier at Weston-supermare which featured on an Oasis record sleeve (Roll With It) which is no more more. The same happened to the Berwick Street vinyl shop Sister Ray (second album cover) and the Twin Towers which has featured on the sleeve of “Standing on Shoulder of Giants” – what they’ve only got one shoulder those giants, between them?