For a chap of advancing years John McCain seems to be oddly in-tune with the Heat magazine/popbitch generation in his negative electioneering campaign message inevitably on you tube dissing Obama’s celeb factor and reported on across the pond here. I thought it was the McCain camp who were saying that Obama should get out more. Once he does – in the shape of a generally well-recieved world tour – this is the thanks he gets. Put that saucer of cream away McBush.

As if to distance himself from the celeb accusations the Obama camp have disowned a number called “Politics” from the rapper Ludacris which calls George W Bush “mentally handicapped” and disses Jesse “I wanna cut his huts out” Jackson. Watch it and read all about it here. The track urges the Democratic nominee to make Ludacris his Vice President. Obama has labelled it “outrageously offensive”. Guess that’s a no then.