A blog entitled disabled feminist reports that the High Court battle mounted by Southall Black Sisters appealing the decision of Tory Ealing Council to withdraw their funding has ended in the council pulling out from their case. DF puts it down to a victory for Facebook and includes a rhyme about this victory for SBS to be sung ti the tune of Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive”. Further coverage is at Pickled Politics and video footage of jubilation at the judicial review herein courtesy of Comment is Free blogger Cath Elliot who writes about it at Liberal Conspiracay. Although fellow CiF contributor and Ealing Councillor for my ward Phil Taylor (Con) is usually keen to trumpet all Ealing Council’s doings he’s oddly silent on this one.

Finally although it was too late for the print edition this great news also makes the local freesheet the Ealing Times as their most online viewed story. Hooray for common sense – the same can’t be said for all the ET commenters mind.