Former Today bod Rod Liddle tries to be provocative in this Spectator piece of advice for anyone wanting a knifing.

Given my interest in all things suburban this bit caught my eye:

Your likely assailant, though, will be white and probably lower-middle-class, rather than blue collar or untermensch. And this is useful information because it suggests certain locations which the aspirant stabbee might frequent in order to get a knife in his chest. Not so much the inner cities, more the frowsy white-flight suburbs — such as, in London, Bromley, Sidcup, Eltham, Broxbourne.

I have to say, dramatic as it may sound, in my youth I was victim of a stabbing (it’s a long story). My demographic profile disproves Liddle’s theory that it predominantly happens to white males. The assailants were two girls. It also happened in Longsight, Manchester – the polar opposite of a “frowsy white flight suburb”.

This sort of ill-informed spouting off makes unfunny jokes around what is a real problem. Sorry to have had a sense of humour failure here but seven years on I do still the literal scars to have first hand experience of this one, trust me. As everyone from Cherie Blair to the disgraced ex-deputy mayor acknowledges knife crime is a serious issue that requires solutions not wise-cracks.