It’s only 73 seconds long but a phone video clip I caught courtesy of Parburypolitica of one-time MP Helen Clark, known on her election in 1997 as Helen Brinton, is causing a birrova YouTube stir and has netted Will P record hits.

The Peterborough Evening Telegraph comments “Former Peterborough MP Helen Clark has threatened to take legal action after a film of her involved in an altercation in a Peterborough hotel was posted on a video hosting website.”

As Will says it’s all rather sad. As Helen Brinton she was pilloried by the Guardian diary for being a robotic Stepford Wifey. Her wiki entry contains their description of her as “An alien life force designed by Millbank to stay on message for a thousand years without batteries.” I always thought it was male chauvanism. She lost her seat in 2005 to the Tories and promptly shocked all and sundry by trying to joining the Conservative party. The Evening Telegraph and the Metro both nonetheless still describe her as a Blair babe.