First there was the drinkingontheunderground event to defy Boris – organised on Facebook. Now comes news that in Torbay, Devon there will be a 24 hour ban on alcohol sales using special police powers in the run-up to a planned boozy beach party advertised on Facebook. All this as the Ministry Of Defence has warned of a lax attitude to data from what has been identified as the “Facebook generation”.

A recent MoD report into the theft of a laptop from a parked in Birmingham containing records of 600,000 recruits from a Royal Navy recruiter’s car last January claims young recruits are used to the “rapid and often uninhibited exchange of information”, which is not always “tempered by common sense and sound judgment … and the particular concerns of MoD work”. Report author Sir Edmund Burton commented that the ministry had lost its Cold War discipline for data security and there was “little awareness” of its importance among staff.

Although the anti-BoJo drinkathon and the Torbay bash do seem to suggest some evidence of an overlap between drinking and Facebook I guess the Facebook generation and the Cold War mob have never been the easiest of bedfellows.