John Gray reports here with pictures on canvassing at the weekend in the St Marks Gate ward in the Chadwell Heath area of Barking and Dagenham. There’s a council by-election on Thursday and the BNP who are standing are likely to be bouyed up by their Henley result (although they lost their deposit there too). The other two ward councillors are Labour but nothing is in the bag. On GLA results the BNP would have won Jon Cruddas’s constituency if transposed to a general election.

It was a sunny day and reactions were mixed in this suburban patch. No-one openly told me they would be voting BNP but I wonder if that’s for fear of offending a small brown female. A couple of rather brusque repondents said they would be “deciding on the day”. The Asian male on our team did have a couple of people openly declaring they would be putting their X in the fascist corner to him. Most were Labour or not in or not answering though. The call to arms to which I responded went up here on Facebook. Contact Sam (details in the link) who I imagine knows details of more action in the run up to polling day if you can lend a hand.