It’s got a mouthful of a name but despite none of the conventional parties standing, there are still 25 other people out there who fancy getting their bums on the green benches in the name of Haltermprice and Howden who aren’t David Davis.

The Greens are there but they are on the same side as Davis on this one. The closet thing to the earlier floated notion of a non-partisan terror victim to oppose DD is Jill Saward profiled here in the Independent, daughter of the Vicar of St Mary’s Ealing who was victim of a horrific rape in the 80s where the judge saw the burglary element as more serious than her ordeal. She is standing for rights of rape victims. Full list of candidates is here. She is standing against Davis’ dislike of CCTV.

I don’t think we should extrapolate the complexion of the House of Commons on the basis of the Henley result last night. It was disturbing to finish behind the BNP with such a collapsed vote but remember Labour also lost its deposit in the 1982 Beaconsfield by-election but that didn’t stop the Labour candidate Tony Blair becoming the party’s most successful Prime Minister ever. However given the attention-seeking circumstances of the “resignation” and mounting party debts, it is right for Labour not to stand.