Was up at the crack of dawn to make it to this – a breakfast seminar held in Westminster by the Smith Institute on plural identities and cohesion to launch their fab new publication on the subject. Speakers included immigration minister Liam Byrne and Sukvinder Stubbs, director of the Barrow Cadbury Trust who I will be doing a spot of research with later in the year.

In the audience was Lib Dem MP Tom Brake who asked how 42 days pre-charge detention would help matters. The only person who went near the question was George Aligayah who said he would love to answer but would be reporting on it later for the 6 O’Clock News, so wasn’t allowed to. Demonstrating what consumate politicians they both are, the parliamentarian on the panel Dr Phyllis Starkey and the PPC Rushanara Ali sidestepped it.  

Will be interesting to see what the result is later. The feeling I get from the debate so far is that the government will scrape home. Even Compass are now supporting the measure which has caused John McDonnell to withdraw from their conference on Saturday.