People may have clicked before on the link on the left here to the wacky funster who maintains a parallel blog to Luke Akehurst’s excellent site. Whoever he/she is they are sometimes really witty but other times totally tasteless. It seems that Luke is not alone in inspring such dedication. Chris Paul now also has a spoofster, notwithstanding the fact that Iain Dale recently called the real CP “Comical Ali”. Stumbling through cyberspace recently I discovered that Harriet Harman’s blog too has inspired this. I’m unaware of any right-wing equivalents but there must be some out there.

The Economist recently bigged up the blogosphere in claiming “web gurus insist that British politics could be doing much more with the internet”. They report that the slowest of all modern politicians to cotton on to the dawning of the new era was the “comically technophobic” Tony Blair who apparently set up a secret stalker squad as one of his last acts in office.