Crikey Sundays follow a pattern at the moment don’t they? Andrew Marr, Adam Boulton and the papers chock-full of lurid revelations from usually ghost-written tomes of sometimes bitter and twisted attention-seeking people connected to New Labour. These organs are being used, on the slowest news day of the week, for self-publicity in a way worse than Wogan (80s chat show that was blatantly a vehicle for the guests’ new products to plug).

So first it was John Prescott’s admission of bulima, widely seen as courageous. Then Lord Levy’s outburst, then Cherie Blair then Lord Levy (again not to be outdone). Isn’t all the stuff about Leo Blair’s conception at Balmoral because Cherie was too embarrassed to bring contraception for fear it would be unpacked by royal bum-wipers just a bit too much information? Doesn’t Lord Levy look just a bit publicity obsessed at the moment ?

More to the point will anyone want to buy any of these books now that the juicy bits have been distilled in yesterday’s chip paper? I forsee the remainder bookshops being full of ’em before long. Worse still (for the publishers who have lavished advances on them) they could end up being pulped which happens more and more to surplus printed material these days.