Have had this up today on Comment is Free. Various commentators have fingered the blame for Boris’ win on outer London yet as Luke Akehurst points out here suburbs that bucked the trend by swinging to Labour include Brent and Harrow now represented by Navin Shan and further out in Slough in the Thames Valley. In Bromley and Bexley the Tories romped home with James Cleverley a candidate who smashes Conservative stereotypes as their first black Assembly Member. The suburbs cannot be subjected to blanket treatment then; outer London boroughs also helped the BNP to their first Assembly Member – an alarming fact that seems to have been conveniently overlooked by the media who are punch drunk on the Boris victory.

Comments are welcome, as all this is background to what will be my next book on the changing face of twenty-first century suburbia. They seem to be, for some reason, flooding into this curio which I can’t really account for.